Nano plustech Established a manufacturing plant and R&D base in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province in 2006. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales..

We are committed to the production, purification, grading and development of Nano Diamond Powder; High thermal conductivity plastic R & D and production; Advanced laser processing technology;Environmental Wastewater Treatment A series of new materials and technologies are high-tech that integrates R&D, production and sales. Technology company.

✦ Nanomaterials business

Committed to the production, purification, classification and development of nano-diamond micro-powder (Nano brasive), MIM powder metallurgy technology, excellent nano-powder classification technology, high-quality industrial production of carbon series diamond nano-powder, ceramic nano-powder, Metal nano powder, compound nano powder and other products.

✦ Heat sink material business

Focusing on R&D and production of high-performance thermal materials for thermal dissipation (Plus Thermal), under the strong R&D team formed by the Russian National Academy of Sciences, it has successfully developed thermal plastic pellets that can be applied to space technology products, replacing them with plastic injection molding. Aluminum extrusion or die casting, becoming a new heat sink material.

✦ Environmental technology business

Develop products of various projects to achieve environmental protection, develop nano-ion water without organic solvents, strong cleaning, sterilization and disinfection capabilities, and introduce the latest environmental protection products to provide wastewater/exhaust/soil remediation project solutions. Tailor-made environmental protection project service mode for customers, used in leading plant waste liquid recovery, decompression and low temperature water separation equipment, zero discharge equipment for coating wastewater, to help customers improve productivity and efficiency before protecting the environment.

✦ New technology application business

Committed to the application research and development of laser cutting technology, the independent development of non-metallic brittle material carbon dioxide (CO2) laser cutting technology, no need to leave cutting, no micro-cracks, no need to pickle, greatly improve product yield, Reduce losses and reduce secondary pollution such as grinding and cleaning of production lines.