Environmental Technology Group

Introducing innovative technology for environmentally friendly products, using high-tech patented equipment,

Improve productivity and reduce costs before protecting the environment:

With the continuous development of industrial production technology, environmental protection issues have become the social responsibility of enterprises. Therefore, the Nano Group established an environmental protection business group in 2015, with the concept of green environmental protection enterprise as The starting point is to help customers improve their productivity and efficiency before protecting the environment.

Environmental Technology Group has developed a variety of new technologies and products, including NRS decompression and low temperature water separation equipment for high-concentration waste liquid and sludge waste treatment, and coating waste. The liquid treated NPS loop recycling treatment system and the NBS nano micro bubble processing system for airborne particulates and organic pollutants.

So the products developed by the current environmental technology business group have covered all three wastes of waste water, waste gas and sludge. In addition, the use of a new type of electrolysis method to produce nano-ion water, disinfection, sterilization, clean and safe and environmentally friendly. It is a revolutionary product in industrial cleaning, disinfection of people’s livelihood.

Environmental technology business group with innovative environmental protection products and perfect after-sales service
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