HIGee equipment can provide a supergravity environment much larger than the earth’s gravitational acceleration (9.8m/s2). The application technology created by the scientific principle of supergravity can improve the mass transfer effect. When the supergravity machine is used in the gas-liquid multiphase process, the gas-liquid countercurrent contact with the continuous phase in the gas phase is also called countercurrent rotating packed bed. It is mainly composed of a rotor, a liquid distributor and a shell. The rotor is the core component, whose main function is to fix and drive the packing to rotate to achieve good gas-liquid contact.

Equipment working mode:

1. The rotating bed rotates at high speed
2.Fill the middle of the kettle with compressed air
3. The stock solution enters from the upper part
4. The gas is discharged from the top
5. The residual liquid is discharged from the bottom

This equipment utilizes the transient high temperature formed locally during the collapse of microbubbles and the strong shearing ability generated to break the macromolecular backbone and degrade the polymer compound, thus achieving Efficiently handle low and medium concentrationsVOC, including the main air pollutants such as toluene and xylene. The equipment is as follows:

  1. After treatment, the air can reach the standard discharge without secondary pollutants.
  2. The removal efficiency is high.
  3. No other consumables other than hydropower, which greatly reduces operating costs.
  4. Equipment automation, no need for dedicated management, reducing personnel costs.
  5. With water loop filter system, it can be used for a long time, no need to change frequently.
  6. The floor space is small.

In the case of Suzhou Meida Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Suzhou Meida”), Suzhou Meida has a set of washing tower exhaust gas treatment system. Due to the operation of the existing processing system and the long time, the treatment process has been Processing performance does not meet existing regulatory requirements.

Towards this issue, relevant leaders at all levels fully recognized the importance of current environmental protection. In order to respond to the requirements of relevant environmental protection authorities, in order to improve their environmental protection awareness and ability, they hope to carry out technological transformation of existing boiler waste gas sources. Governance to meet the emission standards required by the environmental protection department. To this end, Kunshan Nano Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. designed an improved process plan based on the original design process, and designed a 45000 m3/h NBS equipment for organic waste gas treatment at the Suzhou Meida plant.

According to the policies of the relevant environmental protection authorities, after the VOCs are treated, the emission concentration and emission rate of the VOCs should be strictly enforced, and the “Emission Standards for Air Pollutants” should be implemented.

(GB16297-1996) Table 2 secondary standard limit, where the emission rate of the exhaust pipe height is 12m for the organic pollutants such as benzene, toluene, xylene and non-methane total hydrocarbons .

Contaminant Name

Maximum allowable emission concentration (mg/m3)

Maximum allowable emission rate (kg/h)

Emission Height (m)











Non-methane total hydrocarbons