This equipment utilizes patented vacuum technology to achieve the effect of industrial wastewater under high vacuum conditions low temperature distillation Separation of waste to achieve energy saving and emission reduction. For high-concentration waste liquid and sludge with high water content, treatment efficiency can reach 90% Above, the device is shown below:

  1. The waste liquid can be concentrated and evaporated to a residue with a moisture content of 5%, which will be 90% or more water separation.
  2. Pure physical principle treatment, can handle a wide range of waste liquid.
  3. The equipment is highly automated, eliminating the need for production personnel to operate back and forth, reducing labor intensity.
  4. Small footprint and high economic efficiency.

◆ Crystallization of phosphorus-containing waste liquid.

◆ Membrane filtration, MVR concentrated water crystallization.

◆ Solid metal waste liquid such as PCB plating is cured.

◆High salt and high COD waste liquid crystallize.

◆The organic solvent is concentrated at the limit.

◆Chemical acid-base waste liquid salinization crystallization.

◆The cutting fluid, the polishing liquid, and the release agent are concentrated at the limit.

◆The sludge and sludge are dry.

Anode Wastewater

Recycled water


Wastewater type Test items unit Customer request Raw water Try back water


Waste liquid

PH / 6-9 <1 7-8
Electric rate us/cm / 3.54*106 120
COD mg/L 500 6400 81
Ammonia nitrogen mg/L 35 0 0
Total phosphorus mg/L 8 300 4
SS mg/L 400 0 0

Processing capacity: 500m3/month

Outsourcing cost: 1600 yuan / m3 (average market price)

Monthly outsourcing fee: 500m3/month×1600 yuan/m3=800,000 yuan/month

Processing equipment post-processing cost: 1,200 yuan / m3

Monthly processing fee: 500m3/month×1200 yuan/m3=600,000 yuan/month

The equipment installation cost includes electricity, steam, residue treatment, equipment maintenance and operation management costs.

After the completion of the above data equipment, the cost reduction benefits directly obtained by your company are:

800,000 Yuan/Month – 600,000 /month=200,000yuan /Month

200,000 yuan / month × December / year = 2,400,000 yuan / year