Thermal Materials Group

Focus on R&D and production of high-performance thermal materials for thermal dissipation:

With the strong R&D team formed by the Russian National Academy of Sciences, it has successfully developed thermal plastic pellets that can be applied to space technology products, replacing aluminum extrusion or plastic injection molding. Die-casting has become a new type of heat-dissipating material, which is widely used in LED lamps and battery modules.

The company’s stable thermal paste is a highly thermally conductive interface material (TIM) with high thermal conductivity for material selection, formulation, and process Rigorous control. With its excellent performance, it has become the best interface material for high-power LED lamps, computer CPUs, GPU high-performance chips, heat sinks, communication equipment and other electronic and electrical cooling interfaces.

At the same time, we also develop and produce thermal potting glue, which is widely used in LED power potting, electronic potting, electronic circuit collection and potting, and is a general-purpose electronic potting material.