Nano thermal paste is a thermal transfer interface material (TIM) coated on electronic components such as various computer CPU & GPU, high power chips, and LED lamps. Between the pedestals, a good thermal conduction path is formed by filling the gaps, so that the operating temperature of the device is lowered below the critical point to prolong the service life of the components.

  • thermal conductivity 0.9 ~ 3.4 W/m · K
  • The operating temperature range is wide, and the performance is stable from -50°C to 180°C.
  • The viscosity is stable, and there will be no viscosity reduction under long-term use.
  • Not conductive, not easy to produce bubbles after use, easy to apply, easy to wipe
  • No corrosion, oxidation resistance, no effect on the metal to be contacted, not easy to cure.
  • Non-toxic, odorless, low-flowing paste, not susceptible to processing environmental pollution.
  • has passed RoHS, Reach, halogen testing.