Nanomaterials Business Group

Committed to the production, purification, grading of nano-diamond micropowders and the development and application of nano-sol coatings and materials:

Excellent nano-powder grading technology, high-quality industrial production of carbon series diamond nano-powder, ceramic nano-powder, metal nano-powder, compound nano-powder and other products, can be widely It is used in the fields of optoelectronic communication, biomedicine, microelectronics, cosmetic health care, organic chemicals, etc., and has considerable social and economic benefits.

At the same time, we have also developed nano-sols of various materials, such as cerium oxide, titanium dioxide, aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, etc., for various spin coating, spray coating, and dip coating. The coating of the method. Using different nanosols, the coating substrate of the customer is given different functions such as waterproofing, hydrophobicity, filtering UV/IR, scratch resistance and the like.