The aluminum alloy polishing series is based on white corundum as the main abrasive, which is developed on the basis of strict control of particle size, improvement of particle surface characteristics and utilization of chemically enhanced polishing principles. The suspension system of the product is stable, and the surface of the workpiece to be polished is stable, and the roughness is low, thereby further improving the surface quality of the product.

A series of products suitable for stable polishing of alloy substrates.

  • The polishing liquid is easy to use, the surface of the polished workpiece is easy to clean, and the polishing equipment is non-corrosive.
  • The particles are evenly dispersed and the particle size distribution is moderate, which not only improves the polishing precision, but also improves the polishing efficiency and improves the surface quality of the polished product.
  • After the anode—before polishing

    After the anodeAfter polishing