The metal cleaning agent is composed of a surfactant and an added cleaning aid (such as an alkaline salt), a foaming agent, a fragrance, and the like.

The surface of all kinds of metal materials is degreased and cleaned, and will not corrode the surface of the material.

  • The cleaning temperature is low, and it is an energy-saving and consumption-reducing cleaning agent.
  • The decontamination ability is strong, it can clean the oil which can not be cleaned by ordinary cleaning agents, and improve the cleaning quality.
  • Low toxicity, environmental protection, no flash point, no fire hazard, safer.
  • No corrosion or oxidation of various metals.
  • For different metal materials, it can be classified into acid chemical cleaner, alkaline chemical cleaner, water-based cleaner, semi-aqueous cleaner, solvent-based metal cleaner.