Single crystal diamond slurry is prepared by mixing the classified single crystal diamond powder and dispersion according to a special chemical formula.

Applicable to the grinding and polishing of stainless steel, LOGO surface, tantalum carbide substrate, ceramic substrate, compound crystal, precision optics, liquid crystal panel, gemstone and metal workpiece.

  • Good lubricity, even distribution of diamonds, easy to clean. It is the most widely used diamond slurry.
  • It can effectively shorten the processing time and provide a good grinding surface.
  • The LS100 is available in two concentrations of coarse and medium diamond diamonds: standard (STD), high concentration (STR). The base fluid can provide both oily and aqueous.
  • It can be used to prepare a single crystal diamond slurry with various fineness, pH, concentration and viscosity.

SEM scanning imaging

Equidistant diameter – equal volume distribution curve (μm)
Single crystal diamond powder graded in super collection