Stainless steel polishing series is applied to the polishing of stainless steel products based on strict control of abrasive particle size, improvement of surface characteristics of abrasive particles, and chemically enhanced polishing principle. The suspension system is stable and the workpiece is polished. The surface is stable and the roughness is low, which further improves the surface quality of the product.

It is widely used in the grinding and polishing process of various stainless steel products. It can be used with polishing and polishing consumables such as nano-polyurethane polishing leather, resin copper plate and damper cloth polishing.

  • The polishing liquid is easy to use, the surface of the polished workpiece is easy to clean, and the polishing equipment is non-corrosive.
  • The particles are evenly dispersed, effectively avoiding scratches on the surface of the workpiece due to particle agglomeration during polishing.

Stainless steel sheet—before polishing

Stainless steel sheetafter polishing