Single crystal diamond powder adopts static high temperature and high pressure method. Under the action of metal solvent, the carbon originally saturated in the graphite stable region becomes supersaturated in the diamond stable region, thereby depositing diamond.

  • In accordance with the different needs of customers, it is made into single crystal diamond slurry for polishing and polishing stainless steel, LOGO surface, silicon carbide substrate, ceramic substrate, compound crystal, precision optics, liquid crystal panel, gemstone and metal workpiece. .
  • Add powder to various molds, cutting sheets, tools, and enhance the grinding force and cutting force of metal workpieces.

It has the highest hardness and wear resistance and is the hardest substance in nature. After precise grading, the particle size is more concentrated, the grinding speed is fast, the cutting force is good, there is no scratch after polishing, and the finish is high.

SEM scanning imaging

Equidistant diameter – equal to the distribution curve (μm)
Super concentrated grading single crystal diamond powder