The wet polishing wheel is made of modified polyurethane resin, graded abrasive and additives as raw materials, using advanced technology and equipment, and using scientific methods to make the abrasive and binder uniformly mixed.

  • is widely used for grinding, fine grinding and super finishing of non-ferrous metals, hard alloys and various metal materials.
  • Add powder to various molds, cutting sheets, tools, and enhance the grinding force and cutting force of metal workpieces.
  • It has a rich and uniform micro-pores and a uniform distribution of abrasives.
  • Excellent elasticity, toughness, plasticity, wear resistance and water resistance.
  • It has sharpness, self-sharpness and uniform shedding.
  • It can remove its own residual sand and metal surface knives.
  • The porous structure reduces the temperature of the workpiece and prevents oxidation and blackening.
  • No dust pollution, efficient and durable.
  • Customized according to customer requirements.

Specifications: 250mm*30mm*50mm (national standard F320, 600, 800)

Specification: 30mm*4.5mm*10mm (Japanese standard 400# black carbon)