New Technology Application Group

In 2018, with an innovative and pragmatic innovation attitude, it will bring together a highly integrated technology development and application business group:

Including laser cutting applications, sol coating, nano-ion water environmental protection and people’s live applications. Under the strong R&D team composed of Russian scientists, the company is committed to environmentally friendly material cutting technology, which can replace diamond cutting, burning and cutting, stealth cutting and other technologies! Suitable for a variety of materials, but also according to customer needs for single layer, TFT double layer or sandwich wafer with different materials, profiled (non-linear cutting) or no special shape cutting. Widely used in integrated circuit IC wafers, microelectronic components, PCB circuit boards, liquid crystal panels & touch screens, semiconductor wafers, ceramic substrates, and micro LEDs. Sol coating technology meets customer needs in a variety of spray methods. It is applied to the surface of various materials such as 3D glass, metal, circuit board, crystal, etc. It exhibits excellent hydrophobicity, scratch resistance and low dusting. Our company introduces nano-ionized water made by Russian Aerospace Electrolysis Technology. It has strong cleaning power, excellent antibacterial, deodorizing, formaldehyde removal, nicotine and other characteristics. It can be widely used in environmental protection, electronics, animal husbandry and food industries. Operating the consumer brand “OH Trust” to promote quality products to the public.