• Standardization Lab: Standardized management, providing timely and accurate judgment basis for R&D projects, accelerating product development and ensuring long-term stability of production quality.
  • Professional testing equipment: Fully equipped, standard testing methods, professional testing personnel, can perform ISO, American standard, national standard testing.
  • Heat conductivity testing standards:ISO 22007, ASTM D5470, ASTM C177, MIL-I-49456A, GB-5598-85


• Thermal Conductivity Meter

Pushing machine

• Provide push and pull test

Melt Indexer

• Provide melt index test

Hot disk

• Thermal conductivity test of solid materials

Rui Ling LW-9241

• Thermal conductivity and high thermal conductivity test

Constant temperature and humidity chamber

• Provide high and low temperature and humidity control


• Provide body resistance test

Cantilever impact tester

• Material Impact Performance Test

Shao A Hardness Tester

• Measure the hardness of silicone or special soft rubber products

Rotating Viscometer

• Nanoparticle size detection

Stroke Dryer

• Provide high and low temperature environment


• Provide high and low temperature environment