The remarkable laser cutting technology by Nanoplus LTD was obtained mainly from the exclusive right of Professor Vladimir Stepanovich Kondratenko of the Russian Technological University (on the photo on the right).

◀The photo shows: Professor of the Russian Technological University Vladimir Stepanovich Kondratenko (on the photo on the right) and his academic advisor Alexander Mikhailovich Prokhorov (physicist / creator of the first laser in the world / 1964 Nobel Prize in physics).


  • Laser Cutting Thermocracking of glasses, sapphire, ceramic, silicon, gallium arsenide and the similar.
  • Picosecond laser processing of glasses, sapphire, silicon, metals.


  • Design and supply of the modern laser processing equipment.
  • 2 different lasers in 1 laser equipment.

Applying Lasers

  • CO2 lasers
  • Picosecond 355/532/1064 nm lasers
  • Nanosecond 355/532/1064 nm lasers
  • Fiber lasers

■  Main cutting activities

  • Straight/Curvilinear cutting of cover glasses and sapphire
  • Straight/Curvilinear TFT panel cutting
  • Sapphire LED wafer dicing
  • Silicon wafer dicing
  • Silicon wafer TAIKO ring cutting
  • Silicon wafer 12-to-8 inch coring
  • Ceramic cutting
  • Picosecond laser glass drilling/cutting
  • Picosecond laser TFT panels drilling/cutting
  • Picosecond laser sapphire drilling/cutting
  • Picosecond laser metal drilling/cutting
  • Fiber cleaving

Curvilinear laser cutting machine

  • Cover glass
  • LCD panels
  • Sapphire curvilinear cut
  • PI removal + glass cut

■  Semiconductor laser cutting machine

  • Sapphire wafers
  • Silicon wafers
  • Ceramics
  • Ultra thin glass
  • Wafer coring

from DXF file

to the sample

glass edge after the cut

0.5 mm glass is bend over 40 mm

Silicon wafers are 50 um thickness with the metal coating

Zirconium dioxide ZrO2

150 um taper by other company

Camera module hole

20-30 um taper by NANOPLUS TECH
no breaking necessary after the cutting

1.7 mm holes

5 mm hole in TFT panel
70 um of HAZ
no breaking necessary after the cutting

4 mm flash module hole
< 35 um of taper

Camera module parts
< 35 um of taper

Regular cut

Nanoplus tech, cut of steel