Fluorocarbon series、SiO2、Al2O3、TiO2、ZnO、etc.

Before sintering after coating

Before sintering after coating

Moderate sintering

Severe sintering

Scratch resistant, weather resistant, waterproof, corrosion resistant, low fingerprint, easy to clean, low dust, bacteriostatic, high/low light reflective coating, Filter UV and IR

Glass, 3D glass, circuit boards, metals, plastics, semiconductors, ceramics, crystals

Applicable to 3D surface, low process temperature, low equipment expenditure, low consumables, no vacuum process, large output

Pre-stainless steel plate test

Drop 50% concentrated sulfuric acid

1 hour

2 hour


Stainless steel surface cleaning

● Case test: stainless steel milk corrosion

●Case: Hydrophobicity

● Case: Waterproof

● Case test: dust and noise reduction - cold fan

●Case: Waterproof

●Case test: anti-scratch

● Case test: Dust-proof Air conditioner – Maintain good EER (Energy-Efficient Ratio)

● Case test: filtering UV/infrared, etc.